empirestaterage inquired:
Okay, I cut myself two nights ago. I just came across your blog. I don't do it that often, & I don't do it too deep. I always put scar cream on my cuts so they don't noticably scar. I wish I could not be a hypocrite and say that you're better than that. You're so young and so beautiful and nothing should ever upset you that much to make you want to cut open your beautiful skin. I wish I could come to where you're at, hold your hand, and make it all better. Truly, I do.

Thank you. & I have been trying to stop lately & have really become serious about stopping. & I know exactly how you feel about the whole hypocrite thing. I never want anyone to do that to themselves & yet i sit there & do it myself =/ But thank you so much. I wish the best for you. 

✖ 3 years ago